SunnyBoy co-founders Craig and Harold are writers for the kids horror series, R.L. Stine's Haunting Hour.  The show recently won the 2012 and 2013 Daytime Emmy for Best Children's Program and Harold and Craig were nominated for Best Writing in a Children's Program two years in a row. We lost to Sesame Street both times...blast! 


TOY TRAIN: While cleaning out the attic with his father, Logan finds a scale model toy train set that brings to life an old train and a switchman who died because of a mistake Logan's father made years ago.



MASCOT: Here's a quick teaser of one of the episodes they wrote for Season 2 called "Mascot", starring Riley Griffiths from Super 8.   Season 3 premieres in October, so look for more episodes to come from the minds of SunnyBoy!

THE WEEPING WOMAN: Rico Rodriguez stars as a boy who learns the scary folk tale of the child-stealing river witch, "La Llorona." He soon comes face to face with the terrifying creature and must defeat her in order to save his friends. Saturdays at 6pm ET, only on The Hub.

THE CAST: Desperate to be cool, Lex (Robert Capron, Diary of a Wimpy Kid) pulls a prank on the neighborhood cat lady, getting caught and breaking his arm in the process. To save himself, he rats out his friends and soon it's more than guilt that's gnawing at him.